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Howls Of Ebb - The Marrow Veil MC

Howls Of Ebb - The Marrow Veil MC

The Lament Congregation Records

"Howls of Ebb (HoB) have crawled from the crevices to present a new MLP, "The Marrow Veil" which encompasses 3 new limbonic death hymns. "The Marrow Veil" is a transient departure from last year's acclaimed debut album, "Vigils of the 3rd Eye"; yet, only in the sense of removing an elusive insanity for a newer sort of methodical, and destructive mediation."

As HoB explains: "The two main movements (or sentinels) of 'The Marrow Veil' are growers; vines of blooming ash. Just let them slowly entangle you and blow you across the rubikon divine!"


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