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KULT MOGIŁ - Portentaque MC

KULT MOGIŁ - Portentaque MC

Gravplass Propaganda
Almost two years since the release of their debut album, “Anxiety Never Descending”, Kult Mogił return with an EP entitled “Portentaque”.
The stunning artwork was prepared by Jose Gabriel Alegría Sabogal.
“Portentaque” includes over 18 minutes of immaculate metal of death. The EP consists of the intensity of Dead Congregation or Necros Christos, the heaviness of Incantation and the ghastly, oppressive climate of Encoffination.
“Portentaque” track List:
1. Alae Magicos
2. Non-Reconciliation
3. Potrentaque

NO CLEAN SINGING on Portentaque
“The music generates sensations of terror, derangement, and horrid ecstasy. It’s oppressive and monstrously heavy, and it’s also hallucinatory and utterly alien. It seems to mangle and warp what passes for reality, pulling the listener into someone else’s nightmare, inviting you to experience the visions of fractured minds, or perhaps the effects of demonic possession.”