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Malícia - Tod Huetet Uebel CD

Caverna Abismal Records

Created from the very essence of hatred in 2012, Tod Hueted Uebel are a two-piece hailing from the very depths of the Portuguese underground. Their debut album “Malícia”, which translates to “malice” in English, stands up perfectly for such denomination. “Malícia” is nothing but a post-traumatic Black Metal experience delivered through relentless drum aggression, chaotic and dissonant riffs with eerie melodies, and vocals straight from the very core of a tormented human soul reminiscent of the likes of Shining’s Kvarforth and Leviathan’s Wrest. The oppressive atmosphere emanated by the combination of this misanthropic and caustic cauldron will leave mental bruises and scars in those who dare listen to the torments that dwell within." Ruben Pinho
100 NOK