Gravplass Propaganda


THECODONTION - Thecodontia
Four pieces of Furious and Chaotic Prehistoric Metal of War!
Gravplass Propaganda Productions
Pro tape limited to 100
Primal and chaotic Death/Black Metal for fans of Antediluvian and Mitochondrion.

CVLT Nation "... "...simply some of the most personal, out there, crazy sh*t I’ve had the pleasure to witness in extreme metal in a long ass time."

The Sound Not The Word "...Even within the already extreme world of war metal, this feels like a release and band that is uncompromising. It’s a very exciting release, and I can’t wait to hear what the duo unearth for their next record."

The Moldy Crypy "... Thecodontion have done an incredible job at capturing the symmetry between musical performance and musical theme. The music on this release is an exact parallel of its subject matter. There is never any denying that these guys have a sound all their own. With only one debut EP, they’re already one of those bands that will make you say “oh sh*t, this is that prehistoric reptilian fossil war band.”

Mammoth Tongue "... Their music to me is just normal Death/Black Metal but they do it in such a original way it almost distracts you from the fact that it’s fast drums and growls, so that’s very cool."

No Clean Singing "...deeply distorted, gravel-throated bass seizes attention immediately, and it carries you along in a savage thrill ride along with the jet-fueled drumwork and the vocalist’s venomous shrieking. And to make the experience even more riveting, there are some magnetically attractive, body-moving riffs in the song, as well as an array of freakish arpeggios that make this head-spinning trip even more… head-spinning."

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